Katrina Ayuso

Web Designer / Developer

Address:               ۲۴۰۵۸, Yogyakarta 27, Indonesia, IND

Phone                  +۱ ۲۵۶ ۸۵۴ ۸۹۶۵۴

E-mail                   katrinaayu@gmail.com

Date of birth       ۱۹۸۸-۰۵-۱۴

LinkedIn               linkedin.com

Twitter                 twitter.com

Design that’s to be experienced in an instant is the easiest to recognize. Designers arrange type, form, and image on posters, advertisements, packages, and other printed matter, as well as information visualizations and graphics for newspapers and magazines.


۲۰۱۶-۰۵ ۲۰۱۸-۰۶

UI/UX Designer – Creative Mint

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There is evidence that perceptions of beauty are evolutionary determined, that things, aspects of people and landscapes


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University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

Since our beginnings more than 100 years ago, Mount Royal University has been committed to quality post-secondary, undergraduate education.

We’ve grown to meet the needs of students from around the world in a safe, inclusive environment. Mount Royal boasts some of the highest student satisfaction rates in Canada.


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